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#SatSunTails happens every weekend. This is where I will be placing my entries.

Just Like Daddy

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Ann always could see through me, her eager eyes watching my every move. She was my conscience. I could do no wrong when she was around. It was when she wasn’t that I tended to stray, doing the things I dreamed about.

 Crossing the street in front of my car, the young girl caught my eye. I offered her a ride. She hesitated, but there’s something about my face that makes women trust me. They shouldn’t. The only one I could never hurt was Ann.

She knew when I came home what I had done. I could see the accusation in her eyes, “You’re just like daddy.” She didn’t say a word. Took the bag I offered her and went to work, cutting up the onions to go with the girl’s liver. In a way I think she enjoys it, just a little, though she’d never admit it, even if daddy hadn’t taken her tongue.

Forever Madeline

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

She’d always had a way of burning up his concentration, from the first time he saw her walk through the schoolhouse door.  He’d been whispering in Billy Blake’s ear. They were planning to go frog hunting at recess, but then she entered, Madeline with her dimples and hair full of curls.  He’d spent recess sitting on the rock wall with her, while Billy gave him dirty looks. He didn’t care. Madeline was the only person that mattered, then and now.

She was dying. Someone had wanted her purse and Madeline said no. Jeremy hadn’t seen her in years, having left Madeline at the altar, but he knew the minute it happened and came to her. He had left her because he’d been infected and was no longer good for her, but now…now he could help her.

Bending over his love, Jeremy kissed her cheek, and then bit into her neck. She would be his forever.

Peace Talks

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“I told you not to leave the Ambassador alone!”

Shev stared in horror at the body of the Fairy diplomat. “He said he needed to use the wash room. The only way in is through that window.” The frightened fairy indicated a window, too small for a small Sprite to crawl through, let alone a Troll assassin.

“Nevertheless, the ambassador is dead and the Troll King will accuse us of sabotaging the talks…”

“By killing our own representative,” Bree snorted. “Only a moron would believe that.”

“They only need to convince the Tree Sprites. If they pull from the talks there will be no chance at peace.” Trying to think what to do, Fron watched a butterfly flutter lazily by the window.  Suddenly he swatted at it, splattering the creature against the glass.”

“Since when do butterflies bleed,” Bree asked.

“They don’t. Looks like the Shapeshifter’s Kingdom has joined the Troll’s side in the war.”

The Price of Immortality

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“For a small and deadly fee, I can arrange for you to live forever.”

Yvette stared at Tasha, confused. David had warned her to beware of this woman. “Small and deadly? Doesn’t sound promising. What…” Seized by a sudden fit of coughing, Yvette bent over, covering her mouth with a handkerchief. The once white cloth was dotted in the reddish fluid that filled her lungs. Tasha waited patiently for her to finish.

“I want your soul. A small price for immortality.”

Yvette listened to the distant howling of a wolf. It sounded  ominous, a warning not to go down this path. Another attack brought more blood, this time huge globs. She didn’t have long to decide.


Taking Yvette into her arms, Tasha kissed her gently, caressing her tongue, before pulling away and sinking fangs into her neck. Drinking greedily, she wondered how Yvette’s werewolf lover would handle the news that she’d become a vampire.

The Forgotten

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Blood seeped from the ground, oozing between my fingers as I dug them into the field.  The house is behind me where I’d been killed…where we all were killed and where we all remain.   

Something has awoken us.  The soil is alive with our blood and we have stirred from our sleep, our anger unleashed. We had been left…forgotten by those that condemned us. We were insane, so they locked us up with a madman.

 I would forget too, if I could. Forget the experiments, forget the tears, the screaming, forget dying and just sleep, but there is a storm coming and I must help the others rise.

The madman lives, but not for long. He will learn to scream, the way we screamed. He will beg, as we begged. Then we will turn to those that sent us here. They may have forgotten the dead that they buried, but we remember them.

Aging Dreams

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

She sat in the park, listening to the babbling of the children nearby. It seemed like only yesterday she’d been one of them, running, laughing , playing; life was good when you were young.

Closing her eyes, Fran remembered the dreams she and her besties had spun as they walked by the very brook she now dipped her toes in. All of them gone, along with their dreams. Sandy had wanted to be a mother, but she married Sean Anders. He beat her, leaving her barren inside.

Marian always talked about becoming an actress. Instead she wound up on the streets, selling herself.

Fran came the closest to her dreams. She wrote, published, became famous. But she never fell in love, the only dream that eluded her. There was never anyone that caught her fancy.

“How’s the water?”

Fran looked up into steal eyes and gray hair. He smiled and she felt her heart melt.  

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