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Menage Monday takes place every week. This is where I am placing my entries.

Mutant Bastards
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

From a distance they looked like plants growing from the ground, their long branches bare of any leaves or foliage. In reality they were spiders, giant mutants, born from the radioactive waste of our dying sun.

The moon was full when I saw them rising from the ground. It was a dry heat beneath the desert sun and the eight legged bastards tunneled underground during the day to escape. At night the ground came alive with them. I had barely shouted a warning before they scurried down the rocky terrain. One of them speared Jean Luc with a sharpened pincher and I watched in horror as his skin turned a molten green while his veins, blackening, boiled from the poison.

Propelled me forward by his screams,  I pulled the aerosol can from my bag and the lighter from my pocket. The very thing that had helped destroy our ozone was now our weapon against these monsters. Lighting the flame I sprayed the can, smiling wickedly as the creatures caught fire and burned.

When the flames died I knelt next to Jean Luc and cried. I’d never even had the chance to tell him I was carrying his child.

In The Stars

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

I have never believed in love at first sight. The idea is as silly as star crossed lovers, whatever the hell that means. It’s the reason my sister has never made anything of her life, choosing to raise a brood of six kids with her go nowhere husband, instead of becoming a lawyer. It was, pardon the irony, in her stars. Then she met Joe. Blech. Not me. I know what I want and it doesn’t include kids, puppy dogs or husbands.

At least that’s what I always thought. But now…good grief, are his eyes really that blue? I felt as though I had just stepped onto a rollercoaster and was now plummeting to the ground at an uncontrollable speed. What the hell is going on, I’m always in control.

“You have to let go sometime.”


“I promise, I won’t ding it.” He smiled. I gurgled something incomprehensible.

“Darlene, give the guy your keys. We’re going to be late. I’m sorry; I don’t know what’s wrong with my sister. She’s usually not like…this.”

“That’s okay,” the valet said, prying my keys from my fingers. “She’s kinda cute.”

Then he winked at me and I swear I fell in love.


By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“I need more time…more time…time…need. More. Time.”

“What do you make of it?”

“He’s crazy.  I think he has bugs in his beard.”

“Ewww!” Amanda latched onto Kale’s arm as they slipped past the vagrant standing over the small fire. The beach was mostly empty, but a few of the homeless could be found here and there along the beachfront.

“It’s disgraceful.” Amanda wrinkled her nose at a pungent odor coming from the bum.

“Yes, it is,” Kane said, lagging behind his brother and his girlfriend, “I imagine he once served our country, fighting for your freedom to turn your nose up at him. He deserves better.”

“Always the activist,” Kale said, sarcastically. Beside him Amanda giggled, then screeched as the homeless man grabbed her arm.

“There’s a storm coming!”

“Keep your filthy hands off me!”

Amanda pulled away and Kale moved in front of her, protectively. The man didn’t notice. In his mind he was in another place, fighting a war he never left. Around him the world exploded, taking his friends. He tried to save them, tried to hold off Charlie, tried to stop the bleeding, stop the dying….The dead never left him.

 “I just need more time.”

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