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Friday Picture Show happens every Friday. This is where I will be posting my entries.

System Upgrade

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

He supposed some found her attractive. She smiled seductively when he told her to strip down, misunderstanding his intent.  He wasn’t surprised. Most of them thought that he was like the others, wanting some ass and a quick blow.  He wasn’t into it though and it didn’t take her long to realize he wasn’t buying what she was selling.

The hash marks on her back were the interesting part.  Thirty-four in all, one for each year of service.  Most sex bots were recycled before they were fifteen.  Well, once he upgraded her system she’d be good for another few years.


By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Everyone said she was lucky to marry Bart. He was rich, handsome…every woman’s dream. He was also a gambler and after years of bad investments they were broke. Brooke went straight to work, utilizing the gifts her mother gave her to pay the bills. Bart was too drunk to care that his wife had become nothing more than a high priced madam, her dinner parties nothing more than a cover for the rich and disgusting to grope the women she employed. She worried if it would be enough to hold back the tides. She was drowning and sinking too fast.


Second Sight

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

The words Something Strange Happened Here, were emblazoned on the brick wall across the river. I was the only one that saw it. Such was my curse. I knew when something had happened, sometimes I even saw glimpses of it in my mind’s eye, but never until AFTER it had happened. Except for earlier today when a young man left my shop, the word DANGER floating above his head.  I saw him now, in my mind…dying. Strange, dying but…Not? RUN, this word heard, not seen, screaming in my head.  I turned and he was there, smiling, flashing newly formed fangs.

Game On

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Stacie stared in horror at the silhouette outlined on the wall, interspersed with white light throughout its form. It was Edith; the damn bitch couldn’t leave her alone, even in death. What would it take to get rid of her?

The sound of Harry’s cheerful whistling carried down the hall, his footsteps thudding  ominously as he headed their way. Harry would see his dead wife’s shadow and know his soon to be wife had murdered her.

Unless…Stacie smiled, killing the lights.

“Game on bitch.”

“What’s all this?” Harry looked around the dimly lit room.

“I thought candlelight would be romantic.”


by Lisa McCourt Hollar

“Helen.” The woman stood in the doorway, her face ashen. Helena turned from the tiny piano on her dresser and the ghostly figure playing the keys.

“What Grandma?”

She didn’t answer, moving into the room, watching the apparition. Tears formed in her eyes.  Helena slipped her fingers in the woman’s hands.

Grandma’s voice choked, “Where did you find the piano?”

“In the attic. Should I have left it?”

The girl playing the instrument turned and smiled. She looked just like Helena.

“It was my daughter’s. Your namesake.”

Helen blew them a kiss, then vanished.

“I think it is yours now.”



By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“Shit!” Tina slammed on the breaks and looked in the mirror. Half asleep, she’d zoned out, when a man stumbled into her path. She’d swerved, but from the sickening thump of her tires, she knew she’d hit him.

The road was clear though, no one in the middle or off to the side. Where had he gone?

It had been a long week and this wasn’t the first time she’d almost fell asleep at the wheel.  Deciding it must have been her imagination; Tina turned forward, put the car in gear and screamed when a body fell from the hood.

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