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Friday Fictioneers happens every Friday. This is where I will be posting my stories each week. To keep the comment box from clustering up from week to week, I will delete old comments at the beginning of the next story, so I can keep the links current and avoid confusion.

The End

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

The end came eventually, the dead dropping off and dying, this time for real. Every now and then I see a few stragglers, those that the cleansing missed, but they’re easy enough to avoid.

Our sun is dying, the earth freezing. Those of us that survive have followed our new hope, Randall, to the mountains. Randall tells us that the Exodus is coming. Some say he’s insane, but I thought it was crazy when I read about the first zombie attack in Florida. Man Eats Face of Victim. So if Randall says aliens are coming, then who am I to disbelieve?

Rainbows End

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Stella loved rainbows. When she was a child she would imagine the pot of gold rumored to be found at the end. Times changed though. People changed.  After years of beatings at the hands of her husband, she’d finally found freedom.  The virus that infected the world gave her new life. When he’d hit her, that last, final time, she’d found her true self, along with a new hunger.

Stepping into the meadow, Stella sniffed the air. There might not be a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, but somewhere the living hid and she was hungry.

The Grave

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Exhausted, Rob stopped digging. Surveying his handiwork, he wiped the sweat from his face, then winced, realizing his mistake. Dirt and mud mixed in with the sweat, stinging his eyes. Damn bitch was probably laughing at him.

Deciding the hole was big enough, he tossed his shovel and rolled his cheating wife into the shallow grave. As she dropped a shadow moved across the moon. A branch snapped and Rob turned, startled to see someone behind him. No…not someone, Darrel,  Regina’s lover and…


A moment later Rob joined his wife in the ground.


By Lisa McCourt Hollar

She could hear them behind the wall, scratching and gnawing at the wood. Rats! The thought of them nearly sent Sonya running from the house.  She set traps, baited them with cheese and bologna…she even called an exterminator, but the infestation only worsened. When she found rat droppings in the flour she went to work, tearing out the walls and spraying poison in the crevices.

They found her two days later, her body half eaten. Her foot had gotten caught in the wall. Unable to free herself, the rats decided it was time to rid themselves of their human problem.


By Lisa McCourt Hollar

 The water dripped, causing her throat to ache with thirst. Vera considered slipping to the edge of the crevice and allowing the water to drop onto her tongue…but he was out there and even thirstier than she.

The sun wouldn’t stop him. Edward hadn’t ever been susceptible to the sun, something different in him than others of his kind. Water wouldn’t sustain him.

Drip, drip, drip…drip. It was too much. Vera crept forward, cautiously.  Just a few drops…

“Hello  love.”

 Edward’s face appeared over the ledge, smiling, fangs glistening in the sun.

“I was thinking ,” he said, “that I might like a drink.”



He waited in the tunnel, watching the joggers. Saliva filled his mouth and he hardened when they came close. He could see the nipples of the young one, pushing against the thin shirt she wore. The little tease, he knew her type. He would take his time with her.

They paused outside, peering in, cautious of the dark, but then the brunette shrugged and entered ahead of the others. Preparing to attack, he stepped in front of her, screaming his frustration as she jogged right through him, wilting his desire. What the hell good was it to be a ghost?

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