Zombie Run!

Oct. is the release date for Undead Ahead, a collaboration between my husband, Jeffrey Hollar and myself. To celebrate, I have decided to hold a contest. It will run from today, Oct. , though . Are you ready for a zombie resurrection?
Write a Flash Fiction story, 500 words or less, and post it in the comment section, along with your twitter handle or email address. I need to know how to contact the winners. The story can be any genre, but it must include zombies.
What will you win? For starters, everyone that enters will get this Zombie Run 2012 refrigerator magnet. Pretty cool, huh?
5 lucky ghouls will win a copy of Undead Ahead: Zombies. And an additional 5 will win a copy of my short story collection, No Zombies Allowed, to be released Oct. .
All prizes will be awarded after the close of the contest. The magnets will be mailed out and recipients must supply a mailing address. I will not give these out. The Books will be in electronic form and will be sent to your email address in the form of a Smashwords coupon.
Okay, so now you know the rules and what you will get. Start writing!

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