Undead Of Winter: AN Extreme Undead Release

Undead Of Winter  is an anthology that includes tales of extreme terror from 9 authors of horror.  The setting is the Zombie Apocalypse, winter time. Snow falls, blizzards abound, survivors are freezing and what about the zombies? Are the undead affected by the snow? Can they freeze? These are questions any zombie lover should have and they are answered in this book.

The authors include Armand Rosamilia  with his story, Undead of Winter, followed by Brent Abell with his tale, A Winters Feast. Then there is In The Dead Of Night by Suzanne Robb, Day of The Varmints by Jonah Buck and In The Name of The Emperor by R.S. Pyne. But dont start breathing yet, because the apocalypse is not over. Tim Lieder joins the fun with The Christmas Video and Blaze McRob brings Snow of Blood to the festivities. Then I throw in, bringing The Second Wave and a new kind of zombie to fear and Carole Gill closes it all out with Zombie Winter.

I am going to tell you that I am just thrilled to be included in this anthology with what I consider to be some of the best horror authors out there! Some of these authors were in The Masters Of Horror, Damned If You Dont anthology and I can tell you; Oh. My. God! They know how to scare and they can bring it!

If you are looking for a zombie anthology packed with tales that will keep you up at night and jumping at any groan that you hear, this is it. So go buy it. Pretty please and I promise not to send Frank after you. Whos Frank? Trust me, you dont want to know, so go buy the book and pray you never feel his breath on the back of your neck.

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