55 Word Challenge

Have you ever tried to write a story in 55 words or less?  This kind of writing is a form of micro fiction and is, in my opinion, quite a challenge.  I have attempted 55 word fiction a few times in my life.  It is a challenge to put all the elements that a story requires into such a small format. It is however fun!

So I am issuing a challenge this Sunday morning. Write a 55 word story and post it in the comment section below. I am hoping to run this every week as a Sunday Shorts competition. I cannot afford to give an award, but I will give the winner one of my e-books, winners choice.

I will pick the winner this week. If anyone is interested in guest judging in the next contest let me know!

Below are examples of 55 word fiction I have written in the past. I hope you enjoy them and add your own to the comment section below.


Eyes gleaming, Bob told the telemarketer just what he thought of her, throwing in a few choice names for good measure. Later that night Bobs phone rang busy, the cord tied around his neck.

The lesson learned? Be careful what you say to a telemarketer. If she has your phone number, she has your address.

Tommys New Toy

Spiraling upward, towards the sun, the swallow rejoiced in the beautiful spring day. Diving towards his nest, he playfully teased his mate. Spreading his wings, he glides above the earth singing songs of love. It is wonderful to be alive.

The calm of the morning was shattered by the sound of Tommys new b.b. gun.

The Cliff

Sabrina hung to the edge of the cliff, fingers aching. She tried clawing her way to the precipice from which shed toppled, but the jagged overhang dug into her fingers. She was sure she would lose her grip, falling to the terrain below.

For the last time, go to bed!

Closing her book, Sabrina sighed.


The zombie held up his hands, warding off the diving vultures. The scavengers were not accustomed to their prey walking around; usually the dead just lay, waiting to be consumed. Rotting meat was rotting meat however and vultures werent known for being picky. Soon it became fashionable for the living to keep vultures as pets

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