55 Word Challenge Week 3

Its that time for 55 Word Fiction! I hope you all are having as much fun as I am. For those of you not familiar with 55 Word Fiction, it is a story told in 55 words or less. It doesnt have to be horror, though that is my favorite. However I am not the judge, last weeks winner is and whoever wins this week gets to judge next week. The winner will also win a cop of one of my e-shorts, either a pdf copy or I can give you a coupon from smashwords to download whatever version you prefer.

Below are a few examples of 55 Word Fiction


The Willow Tree

He felt the breeze blow through his hair and imagined her voice whispering in his ear.  He sat under the willow tree, remembering  the last time they had spoken.

I saw you, dont deny it! Im telling everyone what you did!

He chuckled. Hard to speak when youre dead and buried beneath a willow tree.

Last weeks winner was Bumfuzzled with his 55 word story, Supper Time. He will be the judge this week.


 Supper Time

Dinner came to those who waited patiently around the table. The apple in Dinner’s mouth looked like a gag from some seedy BDSM shop in Lower Manhattan. Dinner’s head–the only part left to move–swung. Dinner’s fear-filled eyes took in their smiles, as they picked up knifes and forks.

A really close 2nd was Thomas Scopel with this story

Being Bugged

My palm itched. I scratched deeply. Digging harder, surface blood flows, forcing flaky bits of red tainted flesh underneath my fingernails. Theyre not long enough and the itch dives deeper, fades from my palm, into my wrist, and begins striking up my arm. My nails follow and I feel unclean. The worm is moving again

Ok, so the only rule is to have fun and keep it at 55 words  or under. Post in the comment section below. If for some reason you can not post it…sometimes blogger gets a bit wonky, then email me your submission at jezri@writing.com and I will post it for you. Now GO

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